Our Aircraft

AerMoon works with and supports a wide range of owners with their aircraft trading requirements.

We currently have the following aircraft types available:

  • Sale/Lease: Narrowbody (5)
  • Sale/Lease: Widebody (1)
  • Sale/Lease Engines: (0)
Units Aircraft YOM Engines Seating Availability Status Contact
1 B737-800 2012 CFM56-7B26 189Y Q2 24 Lease jmoon@aermoon.com
1 A320 1999 CFM56-5B4/P 180Y Q1 2024 Sale jmoon@aermoon.com
1 BAE 146-200 1988 ALF502R-5-103A 70Y Now Sale jmoon@aermoon.com
2 A320 2009 CFM 180Y Now Lease jmoon@aermoon.com
2 J32 1991 TPE331 19 Now Sale jmoon@aermoon.com
Units Aircraft YOM Engines Seating Availability Status Contact
1 A330-200 2001 CF6-80E1A3 24C/259Y November 23 Lease jmoon@aermoon.com
Units Engines Availability Details Status Contact
Our Aircraft

Looking for a particular type of Aircraft?

Our aircraft trading team is available to support your aircraft, fleet or portfolio requirements. If you are looking for a specific aircraft type or would like to discuss the current market conditions, AerMoon has the industry experience, insight and knowledge to be able to support your aircraft requirements.

Through our asset origination service, we can present suitable aircraft options for your review and consideration.

Contact AerMoon to discuss your commercial aircraft requirements.

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