AerMoon appointed to market an A310

AerMoon is delighted to announce that is has been appointed to market a 1986 Airbus A310-200 on behalf of a client in Asia. "This is another great achievement and opportunity for AerMoon" - James Moon, AerMoon Founder & CEO If you are interested in such an aircraft type, then please contact for further aircraft details.continue reading →

Discover AerMoon

Discover AerMoon... From remarketing airliner aircraft, to leasing aircraft from our AerMoon aircraft lease portfolio - discover why more and more airlines worldwide are now working with AerMoon on an exclusive basis... 124 airlines in 65 countries is just how many airlines AerMoon now actively supports and assists on a continuing basis. Is your airline not working with AerMoon yet? then get in touch with one of our qualified team today to find out how AerMoon can help your airline reach new heights...    continue reading →

Airliner Aircraft Trading and Lease Management

Here at AerMoon we are working tirelessly to ensure we become the "Reliable" market leader in airliner aircraft trading and lease management. Given we are working with and supporting 124 airlines in 65 countries, it is very clear that what we are offering is what our valued airline clients worldwide are looking for from an airliner aircraft leasing firm.continue reading →
Three Airbus A319’s Required

Three Airbus A319’s Required

AerMoon on behalf of an airline client is currently looking for three (3) Airbus A319's to purchase, if you know of any Airbus A319's currently available then please get in touch with AerMoon and one of our qualified aircraft trading team members...  continue reading →
AerMoon B737-800 Livery

AerMoon B737-800 Livery

AerMoon is delighted to have partnered with Alexander McDiarmid Design in creating the AerMoon aircraft livery. This was a historic day for AerMoon and involved in this exciting livery design process, as this AerMoon aircraft livery will stand to represent our AerMoon skills, passion and unique qualities that has made AerMoon stand out so far in such a competitive sector, it is a credit to our brand that is now working with 110 airlines in 65 countries...  continue reading →

AerMoon Aircraft Requirement

AerMoon is currently looking for one (1) used B737-800 aircraft on behalf of an airline client. If you have a B737-800 aircraft that you are looking to sell at present or if you are considering selling such an aircraft type, then please get in touch with AerMoon Aircraft Trading team to discuss further.    continue reading →
AerMoon 100th Airline Client

AerMoon 100th Airline Client

AerMoon is delighted to announce and celebrate that we are now working with 100 airlines in 64 countries. "I am over the moon and delighted with this major milestone for AerMoon and for all involved with AerMoon. It is a credit to the AerMoon brand, unique service offering and our ability to meet customer aircraft demands which has enabled us to be where we are today with AerMoon..." - James Moon, AerMoon CEO & Founder  continue reading →

AerMoon is now on LinkedIn

Stay up to date with all the latest news and developments with AerMoon, via our new LinkedIn page. Check out and follow our LinkedIn page: AerMoon LinkedIn  If you have not done so already, follow our AerMoon Twitter page: @aermoonaircraft   Thank you from all of the AerMoon team and stay tuned for further news and developments with AerMoon...continue reading →

1992 Boeing 747-400M for sale only with AerMoon

AerMoon has been appointed this week to market a 1992 Boeing 747-400M aircraft on behalf of the aircraft owner. Located in Asia, this B747 aircraft is available immediately and all interested parties should contact AerMoon for further aircraft details. "This is yet again another example of the immense progress AerMoon is making at present and the aircraft we are working on worldwide. This is the first B747-400M aircraft that AerMoon has worked on and a special day for all involved with AerMoon..." James Moon, AerMoon Founder & CEO  continue reading →
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