AerMoon was founded by James Moon, an aviation entrepreneur, pilot and serial philanthropist.

“I founded AerMoon as the Challenger Brand of the aircraft leasing sector because I was tired of seeing great aircraft assets sat parked up and rusting away by the side of the runway or behind a hangar in some remote airport, it annoyed me as these fantastic aircraft could be generating the aircraft owners revenue.”

“AerMoon is shaking the airliner aircraft leasing sector up for good. There is a substantial niche for AerMoon to positively change the way airlines lease and buy aircraft. We want AerMoon to ultimately become the market leader in the airliner aircraft leasing industry and we believe that through our dedicated and unique service offering and our strong passion towards client success, it is only a matter of time that AerMoon will become the new market leader in airliner aircraft leasing…”

– James Moon, AerMoon Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our AerMoon Founder and Chief Executive Officer James Moon encourages entrepreneurial spirit within the AerMoon team. Many aircraft lessors who manage and lease airliner aircraft focus on their fees and the numbers only, we instead focus on our clients success but also at the same time creating a lasting long term relationship with each airline client that we have the pleasure of working with.

We are more than just a “aircraft lessor and financier” for our airline clients, we can actually tell you a Boeing from an Airbus aircraft. Unlike our competitors we are not all about the numbers and lease rates, we are more focused on your airlines aircraft requirements and your long term aircraft fleet plans.

AerMoon is the “Challenger Brand”

AerMoon is the “Challenger” brand of the airliner aircraft leasing sector.

AerMoon is here to positively change and improve this tired and out of date industry.

Our 140 airlines that AerMoon is proud to be currently working with and supporting are all tired of the billion dollar aircraft leasing firms and the same old aircraft leasing services that they currently offer. It is time for a change and it is now time for AerMoon to appear.

We are looking forward to “Shaking things up” and creating a substantial niche for AerMoon in this competitive sector.

AerMoon know what it takes…

Success doesn’t happen overnight, we know this. Each airliner aircraft is different and takes a lot of hard work, constant planning, high levels of dedication and effort from our side. AerMoon knows what it takes to make an aircraft sale, aircraft lease or management of an aircraft work, from the commitment and determination needed from the AerMoon team, to the quality of our teams experience dealing on the aircraft we are responsible for managing etc. – here at AerMoon we know what it takes and we will maintain a constant high level of interest and passion towards making sure we fulfill your airlines aircraft requirements on time and successfully.