Asset Management

AerMoon provides all the necessary support, guidance and asset management services for aircraft owners, financers and investors – from a single aircraft to an entire aircraft fleet. Here at AerMoon we keep everything simple, effective and manageable at all times.

AerMoon takes over the entire process from understanding the current market situation and outlook for your aircraft type, the current market rates for your aircraft, the opportunity for your aircraft or fleet, negotiating beneficial deals with various providers, contractual discussions to then preparing your aircraft for delivery with the end user and managing the lease during that period for you.

Whether it is just the one aircraft you own or an entire aircraft portfolio, AerMoon can assist you with the following:

  • Active marketing, purchasing and selling.
  • All aspects relating to the technical management.
  • Contract management and contractual discussions.
  • Dealing with the relevant aviation authorities.
  • Financial management and control.

Do you have an aircraft or aircraft portfolio that you would like managed by AerMoon? Here at AerMoon we welcome the opportunity to discuss your aircraft or aircraft portfolio with you further. Please contact our AerMoon aircraft management team at and we look forward to discussing further with you.

Leasing & Trading

Aircraft Leasing

Here at AerMoon we provide new and used commercial aircraft for lease from our AerMoon aircraft portfolio.

Buying an aircraft is not always the economical option for you and your airline, leasing an aircraft or fleet of aircraft is an option that provides numerous operational and financial benefits to our valued airline clients worldwide. The benefits of leasing an aircraft are:

  • No substantial finance outlay to buy an aircraft.
  • Ideal for the rapidly changing aviation market and demands.
  • Limited financial exposure.

Sale and Leasebacks

At AerMoon we provide sale and leasebacks of both new and used aircraft for our airline clients worldwide. A “Lease purchase” has many benefits and means you have something to show for at the end of the lease purchase period.

Aircraft Trading

Asset Acquisitions:

Purchasing an aircraft is often not easy or straightforward. However here at AerMoon we can help you find and acquire your next aircraft or fleet for your airline or investment.
Our AerMoon trading team can help you with the following:

  • Purchasing directly from the aircraft manufacture.
  • Purchasing from current aircraft owners or financial institutions.
  • The purchase of current lease deals with airline clients worldwide.

Asset Sales:

Our passionate, experienced and entrepreneurial trading team also provide asset sale solutions for you and your aircraft or aircraft fleet. Our AerMoon trading team offers the following:

  • Selling new aircraft at delivery.
  • Trading aircraft with leases options attached.
  • Finding sensible and economical end of life solutions for your aircraft.